Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking

Probably there is not so much people who haven’t got acquainted with information about Allen Carr’s “Easy Way to Quit” book yet. I bet you have heard about this book at least.

So – what’s about it, you will ask?

Many people state that this book helps to quit smoking for real – even those people, who smoked while reading, smashed their packs after reaching the end and forgot about smoking forever. In this very book Allen Carr simply gathered everything what one can tell about cigarettes.

Using simple language, Allen tells us why people continue to smoke despite all negative peculiarities and obvious disadvantages. His method is declared to be the opposite to willpower method – one that haven’t helped Allen to end with his bad habit.

He tells us it’s fear that prevents from quitting and keeps one hooked on smoking tobacco. Here what they say.

Allen Carr’s Easyway Method is successful because:

1. It removes the smokers’ conflict of will.

2. There are no bad withdrawal pangs.

3. It is instantaneous and easy.

4. It is equally effective for long-term heavy smokers and light smokers.

5. You need not gain weight.

6. You will not miss smoking.

But books and videos by Allen Carr are not everything he has given to the world.

There are his Stop Smoking Clinics worldwide, where people are treated, take part in meetings with other smokers.

Other books of his also help people lose weight and stop with alcohol easy.


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