Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What to do and what not

Recently I’ve found some interesting info on quitting on the internet, something that is good to know if you are going to quit. Some tips. Here there are.

First you must know WHY you want to quit. Purposes are many: to regain health, to ease close people lifes, to keep children healthy, to get rid of constant money losses. Just remember – your goal must be big one, something important personally for you.

It’s smart not to go cold turkey, especially if you are smoking for years. Smoking is an addiction so you will probably need some helping medication. On other hand, if you are not a “senior smoker”, stopping abruptly will be a good idea.

Try not to go it alone. It’s a good idea to quit smoking together with your close friend or co-worker, to join a group of support or ask the advice of the professional. I think there is nothing wrong in asking for moral or physical help.

Stress is one of the main reasons people take up smoking. Get rid of stress. Visiting gym, sport activities produce anti-stress effect – stress of different kind, plus you can go for non-physical activities that help ppl manage their stress. :)

It’s wisely to avoid alcohol and other “triggers”, especially first few weeks. Drunken “ex-smokers” are often to become not “ex”. Among other triggers are coffee or big meals – you can drink tea and do something else after meal, for example brushing your teeth.

Try and try again, young padavan! Don’t ever give up quitting, even when you haven’t succeeded first few times. But remember – cessation is when you don’t smoke AT ALL.

These are your tips. Some people choose a way of therapy, others quit smoking without any replacement, but keeping in head these simple things will probably ease your struggle for health greatly!

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  1. My weblog is also totally devoted to smoking cessation. Interesting tips on quitting!