Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look - he is telling about his blog!

Now you have entered the blog ( I created special for you – ladies, gentlemen and kids on the Internet! Its mission is peace in the whole world. Joking!

My name is Fred Anniston and my weblog is wholly and truthfully devoted to smoking and striking, sometimes scientifically looking, but always interesting tips on quitting. And this is far not everything you can get acquainted with on my blog.

I was a smoker with great “period of probation” – smoking for over 20 years. Now I have quit and this is in some way my tribute to the habit’s end, made me start a place, where I’ll be able to share my personal experience with other quitters and people, who wants to quit

Here I’m going to place tips on quitting you can try and succeed. My weblog is not some kind of dull stuff, where you’ll be suggested to read dull things – I try my best to tell you about smoking with humor, remember some occurrences from my life, so you can enjoy yourself with reading.

It would be great if you will comment on my posts with your thoughts or something, because it is very important for me. I’m going to update my blog frequently with new posts.

Good luck!

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