Thursday, March 11, 2010

How she quitted smoking

I was sitting with Jane in a nice place near her house, eating and drinking coffee. She is a miracle – we are old friends; studied in college together. In those times we used to visit cinema together, sometimes drink whiskey and speaking on different themes. And we never slept together. So, we ARE friends.

She quitted smoking two years ago, and after we had spoken about our professional evolution, future plans, love affairs and politics she told me that she made it.

“Great. And how?” – These were my words.

“Hey. That WAS hard!”

First she tried to smoke herbal cigarettes instead of common tobacco cigarettes. According to her words, “their taste was awful and then someone told me that they are as harmful as traditional”. So she stopped and continued with her Camel. After a month or so she understood that she still wants to quit, and then Jane tried to visit special psychologist – that shrink helped people quit.

Few attempts cost her 50$ each – rather big sum for such things, but if only it had sense! No. Allen Carr’s book for quitters didn’t help her as well. And then she just thought she can stop smoking for a day. Just for a day.

“The next day I thought – it would be just great not to smoke the next day too. And a day more. After a weak it was hard, but I began counting weeks! Now it’s second year coming to an end.”

I don’t think she wanted to say that all those “helping things” are trash, but you’ve got to rely on your will first of all. Read everything you want or anything that you think will help you quit. Use plaster, visit psychologist.

But don’t forget – you QUIT SMOKING, but not TRYING TO QUIT SMOKING.

“That’s the thing” – she said. That night we slept with her for the first time. ;))

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