Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stars help to quit smoking

Through history of mankind stars helped people to predict future, guess if whether this or that will happen, determine where and when it’s better to plant crops and so on. Why not just help us quit smoking, yo, stars! And – yes – stars are able to help in quitting.

Astrology – is a “science” completely based on position of the stars, planets, phases of the moon. Depending on this circumstances one can quit smoking as well, if he or she follows advices of the competent astrologist. Christopher Warnock – author of RenaissanceAstrology web-site – tells us that electional astrology can help in picking a date which will be the best to start with quitting smoking. This can help to stop smoking forever, according to Warnock’s words.

Mars planet is considered to be the ruling planet over tobacco, so it’s position also must be taken in account. When the moon diminishes – it is the best time to start activity aimed on elimination of something.

Completing the whole picture with these factors and other factors (like date and time of your birthday), the astrologist will tell you the date when it’s best to start your quit-smoking process.
Christopher Warnock stresses that with such knowledge one will be able to quit smoking with no withdrawal symptoms.

Astrologists also say that it is very important to be strong in your desire to quit, make some preparations psychologically. Other authors also include position of Saturn and moon in their stop-smoking date determination.

Thus one can certainly ask for help of an astrologists – you never know – maybe it’s the little thing that was ever absent in your quitting scheme.

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  1. Oh thats really awesome, got to know for the first time that stars also aid in quiting smoke, beforehand i was only aware about the herbal vaporizer for quiting smoke.