Monday, March 15, 2010

Girls quitting smoking!

girls smoking tobacco cigarettes
My girlfriend often asks me how to quit smoking. She has a little problem – she says that her will is too weak so she cannot quit. But Jenny wants to. She thoughts if I already quitted smoking I can help her with advice or tips on quitting.

So yesterday again she was filled with desire to quit smoking and to begin brand new life. We were walking down the road in the neighborhood, when she started showering me with common question – “but how did you quit smoking?!”, “why can’t I quit as well”, “why I always start smoking again and again and again, huh?” and so-so on, all her standard questions!

This time I thought I’ll answer her if she wants to know. :)

“To quit smoking, first you need to take your gum – yes, this one you chew – and then stick it to your shoe”

“Yes? Ok...” She was pretty serious.

“No, I’m joking! You’ve got to have desire to quit. First. Then you’ve got to understand, why do you want to quit – maybe you want to make my life easier, because your cessation is the only way to get rid of all your questions.”

“And then?”

“Then just stop smoking! Don’t think it will be like – oh, miracle, I’m out! This is a hard path. Just keep thinking about your purposes, proper state of health you’ll keep. You can talk to me whenever you like, but stop asking – do it.”

Do it. Searching for information about tobacco and smoking cessation is great – but don’t forget about taking action. My girlfriend has lot’s in common with many other people around the world who want to quit smoking. Lots of questions but no actions.

Also I told her about this weblog – Jenny was surprised, because she didn’t think I am able to do something regularly. I’m bit lazy. She was happy I’m doing this sort of things, because it helps people to quit she says.

Do you have people who stopped smoking within your close circle? If you smoke, do they help you with advice or actions?