Thursday, April 29, 2010

Genes and smoking

smoking in genes
New research conducted recently suggested that smoking habit may be connected to genes. People who feel that it is too hard to quit their habit for good may be just suffering from their genetic. This research selected three genetic mutations that increase number of cigarettes one smokes a day.

Few of mutations are closely connected with starting with the habit from the early age, and one – with cessation. Those genetic changes are linked to lung cancer development and nicotine addiction.

Newest research had shown that earlier results are true and there is even more to find.

Dr Kari Stefansson, executive chairman of deCODE (Icelandic company), that took part in the research, and one of the researchers from 23 institutions in a dozen countries, said: "Smoking is bad for anyone's health. It is even worse for some, and today's discoveries continue to strengthen our ability to identify who those people are and give them a compelling additional reason to quit.

"We plan to incorporate these SNPs into our testing products to do that. What we do not yet know is exactly how this additional risk is conferred. To some degree these variants suggest that those for whom nicotine is more addictive are driven to smoke more, increasing their exposure to environmental risk. But given the quite substantial corresponding increases in risk of lung cancer it may also be that they make people more susceptible to the noxious effects of tobacco smoke.

"What is clear is that these variants - which are all near genes that encode nicotine metabolizing enzymes and receptors - are giving us a solid starting point for finding answers to advance personal and public health."

Though don’t blame your genes! It is always up to you to decide whether to smoke or not!


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