Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am a quitter - for more than a year

It is already more than a year that I don’t smoke, and it’s time to share experience and thoughts with you – people who are about to quit smoking. I can’t say that it was hard to quit smoking, and I can’t say that it was to easy – it was like I have taken a goal to achieve and managed to do this.

To decide whether and what you want to achieve is the first step one must take. So I have done this way. To set a goal was… ahah… rather hard I want to say. But my girlfriend has met my cessation like flowers in May, so I was very happy she was happy with me. And this underlined my goal: I WANT TO QUIT SMOKING BECAUSE I WANT TO LIVE.

And because I can do it.

Lots of funny things happened to me during last year – most were connected with my friends who thought I am still a smoker – their presented me cigarette holders, pipes, some expensive sorts of tobacco and so on! Just imagine how bizarre and uncomfortable it was. I knew that they will understand for I have not smoked at all, but I still have to place a pleasant look on my face.

By the way, have you got such things ever happened to you? It’s not very convenient, is it?

So it is already more than a year. Can’t believe.

Here is another tip for quitters: try breathing exercises. Inhale deeply, than hold the air for as long as you can, wait until your head will slightly go round, and then breath. Try doing it several times, and every time you feel you want to smoke. You will not only remember that smoking acts on your lungs badly, but also develop certain breathing powers.

Cheers and don’t give up! I will continue with my study and smoking tips!


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