Sunday, February 28, 2010

Passive smoking - wanna know?

I am curious about passive smoking as well as about other things connected with smoking – this can be useful while searching for The Motive. You know – to stop smoking.

Numbers are almost brutal in their cruelty. Around 3000 people die per year from heart diseases due to the habit of their closest relatives. Much more are diagnosed with heart diseases because of passive smoking - inhaling secondhand smoke. This affected me much.

People who smoke are also passive smokers because they are inhaling fumes from burning tobacco, as well as people around them. No difference if you are a smoker yourself or not – you will suffer from people that are smoking around you.

The worst effects from passive smoking are those children are exposed – they are more susceptible to the medical problems of PS. Every year specialists report about numbers and numbers of respiratory diseases among children.

Have you heard about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? Passive smoking is found to be one of the main reasons of all occurrences.

That doesn’t mean that if you’re an adult you must not fear. Choose, friend: heart diseases, reduction of normal cholesterol level, atherosclerosis and many others problems, related with tobacco smoking. Smokers are in cancer risk-group, but those that are “passive smokers” have 20-30 % more chances than never-smokers, who do not suffer from passive smoking, to have lung cancer.

Specialist also marked out effects caused to women – this includes higher risk of breast cancer, health effects to an unborn child. Don’t think you can stop smoking when you will already have a child, stop it now – to prevent creating problems for your partner and your child, people!

This is serious. I’m nervous. Just think about it!

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  1. The problem with cigarette smoke is that it gets everywhere. Separating smokers from non-smokers in the same room may reduce the density of smoke in places where people do not smoke but this is not enough. Opening windows, filtering the air, air cleansing systems, they all can reduce but not prevent exposure to the others' cigarette smoke. We have to make sure that non-smokers live and work in a smoke-free environment by ensuring and creating "tobacco-free" public places.