Monday, March 22, 2010

Good way to quit smoking using calculator

…or is it time to quit cigarette smoking?

I’ve remembered another way to quit smoking! I want to share it with you. The point is that you must take your cigarette pack, put it on a table (or on the flour, if you want) and then SMASH IT! This is not a way to quit, but a good beginning. And here is the way.

You can download calculator, which will count for you money you’ll get if you quit smoking.

Here it is:

There you must write how much cigarettes you smoke every day, packet cost in every currency you like, your age, from what age you actually smoke and overall breaktime (if you had). Then you press a button – and it counts how much did you smoke from the time you started with this habit.

By the way, first let me ask you some questions. Have you ever tried to smoke cigarettes upside down – I mean to burn filter and then smoke? I have done it frequently when I was drunk, but someone told me that it can be a good way to fight the habit. I have some doubt about it, and what do you think?

Here what developers of the calculator write:

“Did you ever think about how much cigarettes you have smoked in your life? How much money you spent for that. How much money you will spend on it in next 20 years? Smoker’s calculator will simply calculate all this.”

System requirements are minimal, so you will probably set it on your computer without problems.

Developed by CBNINT, CostofSmoking is another calculator of such type. It is freeware for Windows OS. The purpose of using this application is also to tackle smokers where it is harder – on wallets. Smoking appears for us to be not cheap and costs quite a lot. CostofSmoking financial calculator will also indicate how much you have spent in smoking.

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