Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quit while smoking!

A very-very-very odd way to quit was met on the Internet recently. Can’t say I like this way, but it’s so unusual – I think, it can probably work. It’s based not on quitting, but on some kind of showing off – I think this has a right to be, especially because some people say it works and anyway someone can try and succeed.

So, here is another way to quit smoking. It was found in a diary of a stranger somewhere on LJ.

When you feel you want to smoke, take one cigarette, light it up, make a puff and through it IMMEDIATELY. Maybe you’ll fell the same desire after half an hour – don’t be afraid – just repeat your actions the same way. After 3-5 days people expose that their desire has gone away.

This tip can be understood like one that breaks a system of smoker. Habit losses it’s reason – you take a cigarette, inhale smoke one time – but that’s it. Ha-ha – miracle.

That man says his method is based on philosophy of Don Juan, one of protagonists of Carlos Castaneda. He says: “to break a process of doing, you’ve got to divide it into parts and pick out one of them”.

In my opinion, it can be connected to Gestalt principles of psychology. The phrase "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts" is often used when explaining Gestalt theory. It means that taking off one part will destroy the whole thing by changing it’s specific.

One thing to add – if you already rely your hopes upon your will, don’t fall for seduction to try smoking according to this theory of quitting. This one is for those who are current smokers.

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