Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to quit smoking easily

I have thought that if whether my goal is to help people quit smoking with some interesting stories, it will be nice to share with you something that happened to me recently.

So this is a story with a moral in it (though I hate such stories). But this is the one.

Few days ago I was heading from my work. As always, I stopped on a bus stop and bought tea and “Snickers”, to make time before bus arrival pass faster. So I waited and drank my tea. Than I saw a man who was passing by with a cell phone near his ear and a cigarette in his mouth. Without a glance he had taken the rest of his cigarette and threw it aside. It’s a pity – there was a company of tuff guys, and cigarette hit one of them right in his forehead.

I won’t tell you what happened with that man – it was very… very-very cruel. Children could read this, so I won’t. You know – I thought that giving up smoking was a good idea after all. You never know, and so on.

But this is not the end!

At last my bus arrived and I got into it. Oh, that driver was smoking heavily – with cigarette stiffed in his mouth, he took money for the ride and blowed out smoke right in the passenger compartment.

When the bus started, this driver did not stop with his smoking. A big mistake. Tuff guy with burn on his forehead seemed to have a nervous shakedown. He rose up and went towards the bus driver. He took cigarette right out of driver’s mouth and threw it on the floor, crushed it with his sole. Than he took driver’s pack of “Camel” and crushed it too, and than he told driver that if he dare to smoke again, his head will be crushed as well.

Jez, that was hard! Never smoke uncarefully! :) Or better – let’s quit – together!


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