Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good ways to quit smoking: issue #2

Here is another… 7 good ways to quit smoking! I’ve decided to post 7 now, and 8 after some time. So all together it will be 4 posts – with previous one and my conclusion. Tips are easy so it is not hard to memorize them.

Tips for quitting: 6

Try to do something all the time. Especially first days of quitting. It’s good to find a job, if you have none, or if studying in a college still leaves to much free time for soul-searching and thoughts about cigarettes. With some intensive work you will also help yourself with problem of stress. Every time you become inflamed - try sports or any other physical work.

Tips for quitting: 7

Try to sleep more than usually. Every attempt to quit takes more than only your physical powers and mental strength – it exhausts your spirit and body. You organism needs every single minute of rest you can let yourself to spend. And when you sleep – you don’t think about cigarettes.

Tips for quitting: 8

Try to drink more water. Water helps to remove toxins from your body faster.

Tips for quitting: 9

Try to spend more time where there are no smokers or a special hall for those who doesn’t smoke. Such places are libraries and museums, bars for non-smokers.

Tips for quitting: 10

All the time give some work to your hands. It’s proved that one of the reasons why it is so hard to quit smoking for some people is that they are used to do something with their hands while waiting. If you want to take a cigarette, take something else: brush, banana – something.

Tips for quitting: 11

Lot’s of people like to smoke one after every big meal. When you’ve end with eating – rise, go and brush your teeth, and than leave for a walk. You must resist this enticement.

Tips for quitting: 12

Don’t be caught. After one cigarette there will be others one-one-one-one-one – and many. Don’t be unfaithful to yourself. If you have already got into such trap – just don’t repeat your mistake.

Try some of this good ways to quit smoking. What do you think about them?

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