Friday, March 26, 2010

An IDEA-L way to quit smoking

Idea has made a human from a being. Idea is something in our head, something that makes us believe in miracles and power of human mind.

Idea will help us and tell us how to quit smoking. This is a good way to quit smoking. Our organism is ruled by our brain: weak mental call from the brain will not find the answer in our body, but strong emotional order saying: “You’ve got to forget about smoking and start a new life” will probably make the body “think” about leaving cigarettes for good. And strong order will appear when there is an idea.

How idea works in the heads of those who quit smoking? It’s a chaotic or not, but an ideological system of desires, motives and… yes, faith. You must believe you will quit smoking, only when you do, you can hope for a success.

Besides actions, you’ve got to have emotional basis of what you do. Idea of cessation lies in mind accompaniment for physical actions taken to fight tobacco addiction.

If one knows why he wants to quit smoking and what pluses it will give him, he will do it.

So, first:

1. Make a list of your motives with BIG RED LETTERS and stick it above your workplace or your bad.
2. Then make a list of people you don’t like – they have got to smoke. This way you will know that if quitting you’ll be much healthier than this people.
3. Every time you want to smoke, think about this good way to quit smoking and it’s basics – remember your motives first, then remember your desire to be better than bad people of yours.

Try not to smoke at all – this is a MUST. A cigarette with coffee or a cigarette after meal is forbidden now.

Commonplace trick about health losses of course will only work if you have already met with health losses.

Understand what is the main reason why you smoke – this is the reason why you started it. Then you will have an idea of what to fight and how.

Start now and follow the next issues.

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