Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good ways to quit smoking

I’ve decided to gather here 20 good ways to quit smoking. Maybe some of them you have already seen – I hope you’ll find at least one or three new ways. And completing a list of good ways to quit smoking can ease a process of decision making anyways. I’ll divide them into 4 posts, and 1 to make a conclusion. Here is the first one. Hope, you’ll enjoy it! :)

Tips on quitting: 1

Buy a big box with Chupa-Chups or something you can suck (no fun:). And try them, but not your cigarettes. If you are on work and not able to let yourself eat Chupa - chew gum. Replace one habit with another, that is not so harmful, and then quit both. Method looks funny, if you are not a blondy of 15 years old, but many people have left their bad habit for good.

Tips on quitting: 2

Give your pack to a friend, girlfriend or you wife/husband, and ask them to hide it from you. Tell them not to give it back even if you ask them to do it. And don’t buy new packs anymore.

Tips on quitting: 3

Try exercises! Physical of course. It may sound a little odd, but if you want a puff – just give some work to your muscles. Discard thought about smoking and replace them with thoughts about exercises that will make you feel better. Try this method with or without others, and thoughts about smoking will leave you for good, and you will also improve your state of health.

Tips on quitting: 4

Ask your friend, girlfriend, your neighbor or people you work with how they quitted smoking (if they had). Probably you’ll hear lots of personal ways, stories and advices – pick up few best and try them. These will be practical advised, which were proved in action.

Tips on quitting: 5

Try to cook. If you are a husband, your wife will be twice happy – you won’t smoke and will cook a breakfast for her. :) One of my friends has done this way – and succeed. Now I frequently visit him to eat a good dish or two.

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