Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good ways to quit smoking issue #3

Tips for quitting: 13

If you still feel that nicotine shortage makes you feel angry and depressed, and this disturbs you much – try nicotine substitutes first one or two weeks. They are nicotine plasters and gum. You will not suffers from physical addiction to smoking and after some time will be able to quit.

Tips for quitting: 14

Acupuncture is a natural way of treating nicotine addiction, painless and safe. Just a few operations will ease severity of such signs of nicotine addiction like psychological pressure, anxiety, depression, tensity and feeling of emptiness. Researches showed that acupuncture increase level of vital energy, creates positive look on life, productivity and helps to think clearly.

Tips for quitting: 15

Reward yourself for every day without a puff. For example, buy something useful – remember, while quitting you will save good money.

Tips for quitting: 16

Consult dietitian and follow diet during first few months after you will decide to quit smoking. Lots of smokers begin to gain weight trying to replace cigarettes with food.

Tips for quitting: 17

Don’t think that with quitting you deprive yourself of the biggest pleasure aiming to keep an indefinite “good health”. Very soon you’ll find another good ways of enjoinment.

Tips for quitting: 18

Define and accept your weaknesses. You should not blame yourself for you have fallen into nicotine addiction – even the best people have done this as well. Smoking has it’s emotional and other plusses, but minuses are much bigger.

Tips for quitting: 19

Smoke consciously, realize what you do. Say to yourself: “now I will smoke a cigarette”. This way you will create a good ground for quitting and manage to separate smoking from other activities like drinking coffee or having a meal.

Tips for quitting: 20

You have written about good ways to quit smoking. If you really have desire to quit, why don’t you celebrate it with throwing away your pack with cigarettes. There is no use in postponing it… again!

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